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Facebook is "1984" ¡Save the internet!

So, billion of years ago the universe began after a big explosion (Big Bang). Space technology (COBE) managed to “hear” the traces of that primitive burst. According to the theory, a uniform and isotropic universe packed by ordinary matter could spread eternally or gradually stop its expansion, leading to a universal contraction. The end of that shrinking is known by a contrary term to that of the big bang: the Big Crunch or Big Rip. Though all of this is theory, the internet case certainly approximates us to another kind of Big Crunch.


      Social network and services provided by internet are unifying. It’s an informatics contraction. MSN, Yahoo, AOL, Facebook, Youtube, Google, Amazon, ASK, Wikipedia, eBay, Flickr, and in less proportion Fotolog, etc. All of them started interconnecting, merging and working together. At the same time many of these systems, like Facebook, try to hoard all of the services provided by others, offering mailing box, blogs, personal pages, business pages, video uploads, instant messaging and photo galleries. The idea is to make it easy by providing just one username that allows the access to any service. Flickr does its business by offering the uploading of videos in order to compete with Youtube, while Youtube starts offering video blogs, mails and other facilities. Finally most of these sites have a button that says “log in to Facebook!” and here lays the real danger, because one of these networks rises above the other’s exercising virtual monopoly, with unrestricted entrance but no free.

      Even though the compatibility and standard regulation ment for users comfort can be conceived as the result of informatics evolution that tends to unify graphics and appearance for each service, this is mainly directed by economic interests functional to corporations that prefer to maintain trade patterns organized. At the same time standards also lead to uniformity, all of these tendencies go against freedom or diversity one of the most important characteristic of human beings.

      Today the colossal network Facebook, interceded and inspected by corporations, is the second most visited site of the globe. Contrary to the chaotic expansion of Google, that offers access to a million of services including their own and Facebook.

Facebook tidily shrinks while encloses cybernauts

            Taking into account that the cosmos expansion involves disorder, Google chaos resembles the universe positive force. On the other hand order would be matter collapsing into itself in a black hole, where life is not possible. At least not as we know it.

      In a certain way, the legitimate art comes from freedom and chaos. Also from chance and arbitrariness.  Randomness shouldn’t worry us. If it wasn’t for the casualties the world wouldn’t work as it does. We need it and “we are used to that”, says Mlodinow while referring to his last literary piece “The Grand Design” a co-written book with Stephen Hawking: “Randomness brings good things or bad with the same frequency” continues Mlodinow. “And to accept that is not bad. Because with the chance of every event there is an opportunity to react and this is very important in life. The evolution of life is conditioned to deal with this situation” points Mlodinow

      Species evolve within freedom, in captivity they mutate negatively. An example happens in cages, where locked animals have deformed legs with ditches caused by bars, which is very sad. Not for nothing individuals that go to jail are convicted.

      It is necessary to understand that by integrating Facebook we are contributing to abridge our freedom to choose, and that we restrain ourselves under a dictatorship that someday could be the network itself. Is this what we want? Just Facebook? Being governed by robots? Not in a distant future, being erased of an Orwellian network like Facebook could mean being excluded of many other areas, something that could result disastrous for us and our projects.

      There’s a general underlying feeling about this. Everyone feels afraid about Facebook and obey for the fear of Big Brother’s punishment. The worst part of this situation is that we are getting used to it. Many people consider Facebook’s invasive procedures like normal. They even consider as normal when feeling bad about this circumstances.

      It is necessary that we protect our free internet. Otherwise what we consider as an escape, as virtual holidays were the mind can rest, it’s going to become soon a oppressive weapon. Observe how corporations could have found the perfect solution to “correct” the Internet, that until now they grew up in freedom, putting at risk companies of all sources such as discography, cinematographic, industrial, biotechnological and also institutions in charge of systematizing the planet functioning and press resources which are used to regulate public opinion. All thanks to hackers, or data leakage and independent investigations which have free access

      The monetary system is at risk among any other thing. The banking clan discovered that Facebook’s satisfies their needs to stop expansion, and thanks to us it’s doing very well, because we are contributing to diminish our individual freedom

      Some might think that “intimacy” encourages hypocrisy, which isn’t weird. But Facebook violates our intimacy by guarding just the one from certain elite, the one in charge of controlling that network. They also control many other things that attempt against us

George’s Orwell novel “1984” starts with Winston smith, the main character, watching posters that said “Big Brother is watching you”.

      From his point of view, today in 2011 we could fairly say that a substitution for “FACEBOOK is watching you” exists. Also “YOUR FRIENDS ON FACEBOOK ARE WATCHING”. For some time past, users can make public everybody else’s location and share this information, if they wish so. Facebook showed the power of this characteristic on an event done in August of 2010, where it was projected in a big screen the EE.UU. map showing the people connected to the internet at that moment and their location, marked by lighting dots. They even showed some of the things that those users where checking. Facebook only showed the name of those people, but their data bases know their surnames and much more that you can imagine. For me, it’s exactly the same as in Orwell’s “Ministry of Love” (using this technique the government can identify and monitor dissidents).

Isn’t Facebook a government? It depends on what we call Government

      The information about user’s location is given voluntary. And the information is kept as private? Or is it a freedom withdrawal? Because Facebook do register this invasive characteristic, which is private until certain limit. It’s private among the users and friends but not for “Big Brother”

      Someone in Tweeter wrote: “If they wish to impose “1984”it should be done throughout Facebook. We are all voluntary resigning to our privacy” ¡Check out you configuration!

      The telescreen played a very important role in Orwell’s novel: 1984. The instrument (named telescreen) could be reduced , but there was no way to turn it off completely ( talking about this, we all assume that the telescreen was the TV. There was a telescreen on the EEUU event of August 2010. However, there were many other “telescreen” among the spectators.  Because iPhone or a smart telephone can be considered also as telesecreen)

      If the universe was found in a critic state, it could stay stable eternally. But very recently it was proved that there is an accelerated expansion of the universe, a fact that was unexpected by the Big Bang Crunch theory.

Don’t go against the universal flow that made and still make’s possible our existence

      As I said in the previous article: what they are doing is inviting us to populate jails, very brilliant and attractive, but still jails. They are giving us a prison cell with certain facilities, a colored room, which is the same as any the other prison cell. And one of us is in risk of being eliminated by robots at any time, because of “Big Brother’s” whim or by corporative maneuvers that use system bugs. This leads us to a choice, between two ways.

      We can get tired of what Facebook’s oppression represents, knowing that it threatens our freedom not only virtually but completely (because it turns more oppressive with  time) or we just leave internet into Facebook’s hands or any other similar network (1984 Orwell) that may appear, that is: we go inside the prison cell

      With this said, I would like everyone to remind And many other sites that go against the rules of the game established by the monetary system (who has an alternative)

      Let’s shout: long live That could not exist in an Internet-Facebook.

      Long live chaos and freedom. The most complex and creative order is done possible even for that chaos. The one that makes us free and offers infinite choices, without being harassed by a monstrous and corporative Big Brother.

English version Bárbara Valvano
Diego Ignacio Mur
BWN Patagonia

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